As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have led others like you on a path that leads to increased happiness, trust, and peace in their lives. Whether you’re a therapy sceptic, or lifelong fan, I can help you experience the palpable relief that comes from personal and relationship change.  You’ve probably tried everything at this point, but sometimes it takes an outsider to help you put your energy in the right direction.

I am married with two children, so I get it.  I know how it feels to reach the point of desperation, and I know how to bring about change. I can stand behind my interventions, because I’ve seen lasting change in my clients and my own family.

I will facilitate your growth by incorporating my optimism, non-judgmental attitude, unique insights, occasional humor, and empathic listening into every session. I am adept at meeting you where you are and being the kind of therapist you need. I can make sense of your confusion, empathize with your pain, and push you towards behavior change.

If you would like to get more of a taste for my work before deciding if I am a good fit for you, check out my blog to read more about how I approach various issues.

Andrea Lystrup, LMFT

MS Couple and Family Therapy, University of Maryland
BA Psychology, University of Maryland
(240) 558-7198

Maryland License #LCM639

Arizona License #LMFT-15359

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